Pasta Salad: the perfect meal?

For the first time in for.ever I made pasta salad Sunday night. On a whim, I decided I needed wanted pasta . I began my search for the perfect recipe with the one and only Pioneer Woman. She never fails me.

I found this recipe and decided it was the one. I made a few changes: whole wheat pasta instead of white, added red onion, cucumber and I don’t have any fresh parsley so I added a healthy dose of the dried stuff. I cut down on the olive oil and used half a lemon… I also used an entire tub of feta cheese. What?

I let it sit overnight and ate it for lunch the next day. Really good things happen overnight. I dare you to find a more perfect meal. Light, healthy, delicious, portable and with the added feta just naughty enough to make you feel like you’re having a “treat.” No pictures though, because it all went in my belly.

Instead – here’s a picture of me laying on my butt in Alaska, because it’s standard for me to lay on my butt.  




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