In my 26th year…

Since the last time I posted I was 25 and now I’m 26, I thought it would be fun to dedicate my “comeback” post to what’s happening thus far in my 26th year. It’s technically only been three months give or take a few days since I’ve turned 26, but it’s been a pretty interesting three months. I have to say, I was sort of dreading the big 2-6. I mean I’m over the hump. I’ve lived a quarter of a century. I’m starting to feel twinges of pain in my joints that haven’t been there before. But you know what’s the scariest thing about 26?? I bought eye cream. It’s just necessary. I also always wear a hat when I’m in the sun because I don’t want sun damage on my face. Who’d a thunk it!?

Nonetheless, 26 is proving to be a pretty good year so far.

  • The day I turned 26, we got on a plane and flew across the country to Alaska
  • We’ve climbed approximately six mountains since my birthday
  • Took my road  bike for a 30 mile ride for the first time
  • Traveled across the state of NC to spend time with family at the most beautiful beach in the state
  • Celebrated two years of marriage with my buddy

 I’m excited to see what the remainder of the year will bring.

And, I have to say, having this guy around to do all this growing up stuff with isn’t a bad deal.


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