Maggie. A love story.

She came into our lives November 15, 2009.

She was petite, pretty and down right precious. I want to tell you about the day I met Maggie…

Cdub and I were headed to church on a Sunday morning, the date was November 15 which meant the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing was only 15 days away. I was particularly emotional that day. On the car ride to church, I broke down. Major emotional mess. Tears, snot and seizing breaths. Cdub pulled over in a Walmart parking lot and asked if I wanted to just go home and spend the day together, to which I quickly replied, “Yes. Please.”

As we turned to leave the parking lot, we noticed the PetSmart nearby where a local animal shelter was stationed for pet adoption day.

With all good intentions, he asked, “Do you want to stop and look at the doggies, that might cheer up you.

Me: “What?! Are you crazy? That’s just going to make me even more depressed.”

Cdub: “Ok, let’s go.”

2 seconds later…. Me: “No, no, let’s stop. You’re right. I do love animals.”

So, we pulled over. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I spotted her. She was curled up in the corner of her kennel, completely silent, despite all the other dogs barking and yelping around her. I walked straight up to her kennel and she just stared. Christopher stopped behind me and gave us a moment.

I was a goner. Cdub walked up and asked if I wanted to take her out of the kennel. Without hesitation, I shook my head yes.

After about 10 minutes, we were filling out the paperwork to adopt Maggie. I can’t help but think she was meant to be there for me. She immediately brought me comfort and some inkling of healing. I can’t help but think my Dad might have had a little smirk on his face as she rode home with us in my arms.

Yes, she’s a dog. But she’s also my best friend and companion. Sometimes she’s crazy and makes me mad, but then she’ll snuggle up next to me while I’m reading a book, or kiss me on the ear when I bend down to pet her and it’s all ok again.

I love my dog.  And she loves me.


3 responses to “Maggie. A love story.

  1. okay you made me cry….

  2. I can’t believe you’ve had the maggster for almost a year!! crazy!!

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