Small House Love

I love our house. We built it ourselves, with lots of love, sweat and tears. Literally. We picked out every single detail, installed, assembled and painted every square inch. It is “our” home in every sense of the word – very “us.” And it’s small. Like really small. What do you consider small? 1,500 sq ft? 1,200 sq ft? Try a whopping 845 sq ft. One bedroom, one bathroom, a laundry/utility room, living area/open kitchen and an upstairs porch. It’s small and efficient and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We do have an unfinished basement that we will one day finish before little Cdubs and Beckers are running around. When we made the decision to build our house, we just refused to be “house poor.” You know what I’m talking about – we didn’t want to be chained to our mortgage – and we’re not. It’s a really good feeling too.  

It also feels really good to live in just the amount of space we need. Nothing more, nothing less.  

10 things I’ve learned from living in a small home:  

  1. You can’t have clutter – ever. It’s just not an option.
  2. Organization is very important. We need  a bookshelf desperately!
  3. A clean small house is a happy small house.
  4. I can clean my entire house – top to bottom – in less than 2 hours. Easy.
  5. You better really like your spouse.
  6. Vaulted ceilings and sky lights make a small house “airy.”
  7. Our utility bill is totally reasonable.
  8. You never really “need” 3,000 square feet with a bonus room and finished basement.
  9. You learn to be creative in storing things.
  10. Our home can grow with us 🙂


Our happy little kitchen

Beautiful fall trees in backyard

Furniture in living room by Granddad


2 responses to “Small House Love

  1. I agree with your blog and I LOVE your small house!

  2. It is the perfect home…maybe I will have one of those cottages one day 😀

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