Destined for a muffin top?

I’m gonna be, if I don’t stop this muffin making madness!!! Just kidding. (Maybe). 

Last night I made Jenna’s absolutely, ridiculously, delicious, chocolately, crazy good muffins. Seriously, these are trouble. I took a few pictures of my process, but you might want to check her photos out. These are super dense, chocolatey, but not to sweet, and just plain AMAZING. The batter looks like a mousse and it’s almost impossible to avoid a spoon lick or two. Cdub and I are planning a hike tomorrow and these will definitely be in my snack bag. 

Butter + Chocolate Lovin


That's some good lookin batter


Before some serious muffin destruction ensued


 I ended up with 20 of these babies! Oh my Lord! No worries, I sent Cdub to work with some and put a few in the freezer for a rainy day. I seriously love these muffins. Although they are very rich, they are so lovely and… what’s the word I’m looking for???… perfect. Yep, they’re pretty perfect. 

I obviously have a problem.


One response to “Destined for a muffin top?

  1. Those look soooooo yummy!! I may have to get that recipe from you soon!
    I printed the granola recipe and plan on making some of that this weekend! Yum!

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