Splashin Around

Springmaid Splash. I came. I ran. It conquered. Well, sort of. I ran this 10k trail race for the 4th time this weekend. It was wet, muddy and really, really hard. I finished in 1:12:30. I know this sounds like a really slow 10k time, but you can’t really expect to get anywhere close to your normal 10k with this race. It’s a fact. You run through two river crossing in the first mile and run up a muddy, single track mountain – with wet feet, socks and shorts. Yeah. So, I’m pretty happy with my time.

To be completely honest, my “training” was just not up to par this summer. I got in one 7 mile run before the race, but other than that, I just took a really relaxed approach to training. I was pretty nervous about this one and hoped to finish in less than 1:20. I was really surprised as I came to the final mile and looked at my watch. I realized I was going to make it under 1:15, and I kicked it into gear.

I always feel incredibly accomplished after this run, I think that’s why I keep coming back. Not to mention it’s really well-organized with lots of food, water and goodies at the finish line. I’ll be back next year.

What do you do after a crazy hard trail run? You go here and eat some really good pizza and drink some of this.

It was well with my soul.

See ya!


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