Another weekend, another series of happy this and that, only to be hit with the reality that it’s Monday morning and here I am again – at a desk, in an office, under fluorescent lights. Woe is me.

At least the weekend was a success, right? Well mostly.

 I saw Eat Pray Love Saturday night, with my brave husband. It was OK. I’m  not one of those overly judgemental people who think the movie will never be as good as the book. I understand movies are different, stories translate differently on film, and sometimes require change. I get it. However, this film version of Eat Pray Love left me slightly unsatisfied. If you read the book, you know how wonderfully inspiring it was. The movie just didn’t quite cut it for me, and while I love Julia Roberts, this was not her best (in my opinion). Some are comparing her performance to the likes of Erin Brokovich. Not so. Elizabeth Gilbert’s story was changed a bit and some of those changes were jus annoying and unnecessary. Overall, it was enjoyable, but I’d be ok if I never saw it again. Harsh? Maybe. I speak the truth ya’ll.

In other news, I realized how extremely lucky I am to have  supportive husband. Let me explain.

I left for my usual Sunday morning run at 7 a.m. I was setting out for about 7 miles, which would take me a little over an hour. As I was running I realized not once, has Cdub ever given me a hard time for leaving him (sometimes for hours at a time) to run. Never has he said, “Seriously, can’t you sleep in this morning?” While I was training for my marathon last winter he never gave me flack for running five days a week, sometimes for 2.5 to 3 hours at a time!

He’s actually pushed me when I didn’t want to go for my run or was having a hard time finishinga particular run. He followed me around on 20 mile runs and brought me dry socks, cold Gatorade and bananas. He’s picked me up when I just couldn’t go any further. He’s come to check on me during 10 mile runs, just to make sure I was ok.

I think he realizes how much I really love to run and how good it makes me feel. I’m sure there have been days that he wanted to tell me I was crazy for running in the rain or in 20 degree temperatures, and that I should just stay home and watch a movie with him. But he didn’t. He helped me find my gloves and went to buy me a poncho so I could get my 8 miles in.

I’m not sure why it just dawned on me that I’m a pretty lucky gal, with a wonderfully supportive husband. So when I finished my run Sunday, I promptly walked in the door and gave him a big stinky, sweaty hug and told him how much I appreciated him. I think it might have made his week.

It’s the little things.


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  1. you are very lucky…but so is he 🙂

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