A Lonely Girl’s Tale

Ok, I admit it. I miss my husband. Real bad. He’s been gone for a week now, and I’m pretty much over it. Thank goodness he’s coming home tonight. *breathes sigh of relief*

I only say “I admit it” because I was all, “Don’t worry about me, I’ve lived alone before, I’ll be just fine.” Duh, that’s not the point. I’ve been living with this person for more than a year now and have grown very accustomed to daily life with my silly man. I feel like somebody jerked the rug out from underneath me this week while he was away. All I did was cook, eat and watch movies. OK, I ran some too. But I was mostly just bored, munchy and waiting for him to walk through the door and announce, (as he does every day) “Big daddy’s home!” Didn’t happen.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to see my Cdub come home tonight. I’ll have a big ol smile on my face all weekend. 🙂


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