What’s for dinner? Husband vs Wife.

It’s a pretty classic struggle, and one that’s been my nemesis in my first year of marriage. What on earth will we eat for dinner? This is not to say that I can’t hold my own as a cook. I do just fine, and I actually really enjoy cooking dinner on a week night ( as long as it doesn’t get too complicated).

But… we have a little problem. My husband is a man. As in a man who likes meat. Lots of meat. And potatoes. And french fries. And iceberg lettuce. And all things fried. But before I go too much further, let me make a disclaimer: I am in no way a purist. I, too, sometimes enjoy a hamburger with french fries or the occasional onion ring. Oh, and ice cream? Forget about it! Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

 But for the most part I try my best to eat lots of fruits, veggie and whole grains. I refrain from eating too much red meat and tend to enjoy meals most that don’t involve a meat component. I actually really enjoy eating this way and feel much better when I do, but my husband feel best after a steak and big pile of mashed potatoes.

When faced with the question, “what’s for dinner tonight?” My palms begin to sweat, my heartbeat hastens and I just get downright freak out! How can I make my lovely, dear husband happy and still adhere to my *mostly* healthy way of eating. I have to say Cdub has expanded his horizons by a mile since we first met, and will eat vegetables… as long as they come alongside a big piece of meat. I, however am happy to sit down to a big salad topped with avocado, eggs, carrots, cucumbers and a little feta , perhaps a piece of buttery bread alongside. Done and done.

I lived alone for two years after I graduated from college and I became accustomed to “my” simple and mostly healthy way of eating. Since living together and being married, I’ve learned that I have to bend a little bit to make sure Cdub is getting a large enough volume of food as well some nutrients at the same time. He’s a pretty small dude, if you haven’t noticed, so he REALLY needs to eat foods that can pack a caloric punch and many times he needs meat to feel completely satiated.

Henceforth, I have a dilemma. This is the one thing I’m really struggling with since I’ve been married. I look longingly at the couples I pass as they sit happily outside the local vegetarian restaurant devouring firm, chewy tofu with beautiful green leafy salads. This remains a dream of mine. It will never happen in real life. My husband never has and never will happily eat tofu or tempeh. He can not be sustained on beans and greens alone. He could, however, survive on chili cheese coneys and tater tots. But I’m not letting that happen.

With the rate of my success thus far, we might possible starve in the next few months. Just kidding. I think I just need a plan and a little creativity.  My new goal is to create a  dinner plan each week fo the next month or so and see how it goes. My hope is that I can incorporate healthy, nutritious foods into our meal schedule, along with some more “Cdub approved” meals that can pull double duty (making him happy and being at least somewhat good for us). Let’s not forget… I have to actually cook all this. The simplier the better.

 I’m actually not really sure where to start. Except to say for tonight we’re having veggie burgers (for her) and meat burgers (for him) with asparagus and salad. Sounds like a good start. We’ll see how the next few weeks go.

Until next time… bon appetit!

NOT a healthy dinner


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