Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Anyone there? It might have appeared that I was lost to the land of the living, never to return, right? Not so lovlies. I’m still here. Apparently, taking a vacation means taking a vacation from EVERYTHING. I had a lovely, relaxing week and now I’m back up to bat. 

First things first. What happened since we last spoke? 

Spain won the World Cup. Awesome. 

Nadal + Serena won Wimbledon. Not awesome. 

Kombucha got recalled for having a 0.5% alcohol content. Oops. 

LeBron moved on to the Miami Heat. Wait, who cares? 

Tons of pets are being moved to animal shelters because of the Gulf oil spill. Totally not awesome. 

Levi Johnston proposed to Bristol Palin?!!!! WTF?! GROSS. 

We traveled to Hilton Head, SC for the July 4th weekend. We ate here. It was delicious. Then we drove to Beaufort Monday night. 

Said driving

Beaufort, how I love thee. The only problem was, at this point, I was having major seperation anxiety beacuse I was missing this little scoundrel. 

Completely in love

The rest of the week involved major cleaning and purging — as in three bags of Goodwill donations purging. Good stuff. 

Oh and I made these babies. 


I ❤ muffins. That’s about all the excitement I have to report. We have house guests this weekend! Our friends are staying with us after they attend a wedding in Asheville. Yay! 

I leave you with some photos of our trip. 

I love you Spanish moss.

and I love you Beaufort, SC.

Yep, those are freckles.

I love you most marsh.


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