Another one bites the dust

Whewwweeee. I just had the craziest whirlwind weekend. 

My friend Holly got married on Friday and it was hot to trot. Literally. At one point my car read 103 degrees! Bleck! Alas, we persevered and the two love birds were married and it was wonderful! 

A mighty lovely bride

Before we headed back to the mountains, I had to stop by the Bridal Mart and order another bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding in November. Shew, thank goodness I’m done for a while! I’m kind of in love with the dress she chose though, check it out. 


It’s comfortable too. Can’t wait to get mine in and see what it looks like. I think it’s perfect for a November wedding! 

So we headed back to the mountains (thank goodness), where it was more like 83 degrees, not 103 degrees. Saturday was spent chillaxin at home. We harvested our first green beans! They, of course, were delicious. These are organic and we fertilized with all organic materials. Yummay! 

Green bean beauties

Here’s how I like to cook em best: 

  • Throw em in boiling water for 3 mins
  • Prepare an ice bath (bowl of water with lots of ice)
  • After 3 mins, place them in ice bath
  • Melt some butter on the stove top
  • Toss the beans quickly in the melted butter
  • Throw a little sea salt on there

DONE! Perfect + Crunchy love. 


Let’s talk about my husband. I think I’ve mentioned before he is pretty creative. He loves to use his hands. He’s constantly got some sort of project underway. His latest project involved an old bike that he converted into a moped. To make a long story short – he wrecked last night on said moped. He wrecked hard. We took a lovely trip to the emergency room, where he received stitches on his chin and got some pain medicine for some pretty major bruising. Luckily – he was wearing his helmet. He remembers hitting the ground and his head (with his helmet on) bouncing off the pavement. He hates wearing helmets, but thankfully he was smart enough to wear it last night. Moral of the story – wear a helmet, don’t convert old bikes into mopeds. 

I’m just glad he’s ok. So now I must go and nurse my poor husband back to health. Bless his heart. 

I’ll talk to ya’ll tomorrow! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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