On the road again

I’m headed out of town tonight to get geared up for wedding #2! My friend Holly is getting married on Friday, so the festivities start tomorrow! Can’t wait! Man I love weddings. I get to spend a little time with Mama too! I’m solo until Friday when C-dub is coming to town to be my handsome date. 🙂

P.s. check out how lovely my bridesmaids were! Plus, my flowers. I’m a little in love with my wedding if you can’t tell. Holly (the one to be wed) is the cutie pie in the top right hand corner. Love ya girl!


P.p.s This was taken by my awesome wedding photographer Ashley Felkel. She shoots in Atlanta and the Asheville area. She’s kind of wonderful.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some really important stuff to talk about. PROMISE!

Until then… can we just revel in the beauty of what team USA did today? I seriously had chills after that goal! Whew! I’m in heaven right now with Wimbledon and the World Cup going on at the same time. I just can’t decide what to watch! Too many choices!


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