Foodie Friday (errr, Monday), part III

Oh man. I feel bad. I feel real bad. I was so consistent for a while there, right? Oh well – such is life. The important thing is, I’m back now and ready for battle.

What did you miss? Not much, just a crazy, non-stop weekend, that I’m sort of sad to see go.

What about foodie Friday?! I just totally left ya’ll hanging last Friday. No worries, I know it’s Monday, but who cares? I’ve got some things that indeed, must be shared.

Did you know it’s national iced tea month for the entire month of June?! Thus, I shall share with you my favorite tea on the planet. It’s not necessarily iced – but it’s cold, so there.

Food Item numero uno: Honest Tea

Honest Tea makes I kid you not. They’re motto is “just a tad sweet,” and that’s exactly what it is. None of their flavors are overly sweet or loaded with sugar and they’re just downright refreshing. I sort of have an addiction at this point. My favorites are, Agave Mate, Peach Oo-la-long, Community Green Tea and Moroccan Mint.

Foodie Item #2: Fran’s chocolate gray and smoked salt caramels

Don’t knock it, til ya try it. Seriously. These babies are melt in your mouth, heaven opening, mouth-singing good. Not to mention, they’re beautiful. They are not cheap, but well worth the splurge. We have them in packs of three at our local grocery store.

Foodie Item #3: Siggi’s Yogurt

Siggi’s is pretty much taking over the food blog world. After reading about 50 bagillion reviews of this stuff, I thought it might be time to give it a try. Now, I love me some greek yogurt. The thick, creamy goodness is hard to beat. Well – we might have a challenger here. This Icelandic style yogurt is made pretty similarly to Greek yogurt (strained of the liquid and therefore much creamier and much higher in protein), but Siggi’s is much thicker and smoother. I’m pretty partial to the blueberry flavor. I’m usually a plain yogurt girl because fruit flavored yogurts tend to be too sweet for my cultured taste buds (he he – no pun intended), but I actually prefer the fruit flavors here. If you can’t see the nutrition facts here, they go like this: (Blueberry) 120 calories, 16g (!) of protein, 10 g sugar, 13 g carbohydrates.

 To wrap up Foodie Friday Monday, I should tell you guys that my local grocery recently pulled Kombucha products from its shelves due to some labeling issues and elevated levels of alcohol. (??!) Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I’ll keep you posted. Now ya’ll know I don’t mind a little something to drink every now and then, but I’ve  been drinking this stuff on this on the job. Hmmm… could explain a lot. Hehe.

Until next time...


One response to “Foodie Friday (errr, Monday), part III

  1. YUM! Siggi’s is my ALL TIME favorite yogurt — but it’s definitely a splurge. It’s one of my special treats. 🙂

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