Whew. What a weekend.

I think I owe you all an apology for going completely awol over the past few days – but I have a great excuse. I was in a wedding this weekend and I was pretty much moving from about 9 am Friday morning until about 5 pm last night. Therefore, the blog got put on the back burner. But I’m back now with lots of good things to share! 

As I mentioned, my dear, dear friends got married this weekend. Remember when I wrote this post, about how wonderful these two are? They did indeed tie the knot this weekend and it was all so beautiful. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? 

The bridal lunch was Friday at Westglo Spa in Blowing Rock, NC. OMG. Amazing. This place was absolutely ridiculously beautiful. 

Westglo spa

We had a delicious lunch of chicken salad with brie and fresh fruit or salmon with bok choy. I had the chicken salad and it was perfect. 

Then we had cake. I love cake. 

Mmm. Lucious.

Beautiful table

Friday night, after the rehearsal (that lasted 2 hours, and was totally brutal because the wedding coordinator was crazy, but that’s another story), we went to dinner in Valle Crucis, NC. Dinner was lovely as well and there was more cake and perhaps a glass of wine or three. There were lots of wonderful, tearful toasts.  

 We had so much on the trolley ride home as all the Irish folks (the groom is from Ireland) busted into song. It was an awesome start to the weekend! 

Post dinner ride

 Saturday was wedding day. We started at the hair salon at 10 am and finished with makeup around 3 pm. We were dressed and taking pictures on the Blue Ridge Parkway by 4 pm with amazing photographer, Katie Langley. Katie was so fun and fast! I love my wedding photographer, but I kind of want to get married again so Katie can photograph us.

 Then it was time to go the church. It’s crazy how fast the day went by. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. The ceremony began at 6 pm, but, unfortunately, I don’t have photos from the wedding. A camera would be a difficult to pull off in a bridesmaid gown.

The bride arrives

After the ceremony we took a few more bridal party pictures and it was getting might close to party time! We finally made it to the reception around 8 pm. It was so.much.fun. I’m glad C-Dub likes to dance. We might look silly, but we always have the most fun! The food was delicious and the wine was even better.

Being normal

 Sunday morning came way to fast and it was time to go home. It sure is hard to back in the swing of things after such a wonderful weekend. Oh, and did I mention that the bride’s brother and his wife had a baby the day of the wedding? Um, yeah. Pure, beautiful, wonderful chaos.


One response to “Whew. What a weekend.

  1. Now I get to see the bridesmaid dress….very pretty

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