Foodie Friday: 2nd edition

Hiya! I hope you’re having a lovely Friday so far. 

No need for small talk, let’s get this show on the road! Here are some of my favorite foodie finds as of late… 

Foodie Item #1: 

Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal.  This discovery is not one I made on my own. I actually saw Ashley at the edible perspective eating Scottish oats fairly often and raving about them. I finally decided to switch up my usual old-fashioned oats for these little bits of joy. Scottish oats are creamier and smoother (?) maybe. I don’t know exactly how to describe the difference, just different. And yummy. I like mine with banana, cinnamon and peanut butter. 

Creamy goodness

Foodie Item #2: 


Fage 2% greek yogurt. I accidently bought 2% instead of the usual 0% the other day, and I swear, the heavens opened and I heard angels singing. It’s true, there are more calories and a little fat in the 2%, but who cares!?  The yum factor is way up there! 2% is *almost* like eating a silky custard. Check out these statistics – 150 calories, 9g sugar, 20g protein (!) and 25% of your daily calcium. Bam! 

Foodie Item #3: 

Kerry Gold Irish Butter. I was a bachelorette last night so instead of making a big dinner, I decided on a grilled cheese and a side salad would work just fine. I bought this butter the other day and had yet to use it. This was the perfect opportunity! Oh man, I already have mad love for all things Irish, but this stuff just made my life week. After I ate my sandwich, I proceeded to toast another piece of leftover ciabatta and eat it straight up with butta. Love! 


I guess it was international foodie friday, uh? 

So the rest of my day will be spent fretting over my race strategy for tomorrow. Did I mention it starts at 6:01 a.m!? (I guess the whole Downhill at Dawn thing makes that fairly obvious). That means I’ll be up at the lovely hour of 4:30 a.m. stuffing my face with bagels and coffee. 

Random question of the day!:  I love running, but right now I enjoy more mid distance races, like 10k’s. What’s your favorite race distance?


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