Thoughts on vegetarianism

As I ate my brought from home lunch today, I felt like something was missing. I ate most of my PB & J, an apple, some carrots and then a peach I was supposed to save for a snack later (oops). After all that, I was still HANGRY! My stomach was growling with vengeance. I realized I was craving some protein, as in meat protein! I jumped in my car and ended up at my favorite place, and went straight for the soup isle.

Typically I would have purchased the black bean or miso soup, but today the organic beef chili was calling my name. Ya’ll, I never order or buy beef chili. Ever. I’m just not a big beef eater in general. But this beef chili was one of the best things I’ve had in a long time, and exactly what my body needed (my tummy told me so).

See, there was a time where I thought about being a vegetarian. Not really because of ethics or anything, just because I didn’t really eat a lot of meat anyway, so it seemed like “the thing”  to do. I mean, I love vegetables and already eat lots of grains, beans and high protein dairy. So why not?

Days like today are why not. I know there are lots of sources of protein, other than meat, but today I wanted some real meat protein. I wanted the flavor and richness that really makes my belly happy.

But let’s get real – there are plenty of moral and ethical reasons to become a vegetarian. Did you see this movie?

Or read this article? I mean, all this makes vegetarianism look mighty attractive. But I also think it’s very possible to avoid supporting this kind of treatment of animals. I’m particularly fortunate to live in an area that was an abundant supply of humanely farmed meat options. Plus, you can certainly limit how much meat you eat. I would say I probably eat animal protein, maybe two to three times a week. I’m, by no means, a saint, but I do try to consciously eat meat from humane sources.

All this goes to say that vegetarianism isn’t for me right now. Maybe if I were to become a vegetarian, my body would adjust, and no longer crave meat protein. I’m not really sure how all that works. I certainly salute and admire people who do adhere to a strict vegetarian and vegan diet. Maybe one day.

This is a good resource to find local (livestock and otherwise) farmers where you live.

Random question of the day: What are your thoughts on vegetarianism? Could you make the switch tomorrow if you had to?


4 responses to “Thoughts on vegetarianism

  1. conradvisionquest

    In November of 2009 we watched Food Inc. That day I went vegetarian, and by February 2010 I was eating vegan. For me there was no other option. But everyone’s path is different.


  2. conradvisionquest
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