Oh Roger…

I love the French Open for a many reasons. But mainly because I get to see this guy get all sweaty.

 C-dub and I follow every match (online of course – remember, no television). Well, yesterday something terrible happened. In day 10 of the Open, Roger Federer was defeated by Robin Soderling. This is big guys. If Nadal advances and wins against Soderling in the finals, Roger (we’re on a first name basis) loses his first place ranking. My heart is aching right now, because Nadal has balls and I think he will likely pull it off. After 23 grand slam semi-final appearances and a 12-0 record against Soderling, Roger fell after four straight sets. I guess all good things come to an end. No worries, I’ve still got plenty of love for you Roger. 

Completely gratuitous? Maybe.

(I apologize if I happen to have any male readers). 

Oh! I’ve got a garden update! Check out the goods: 

Serious weeding needs to happen.

Baby raspberries!

Squish squash!

My lovely row of organic green beans

Pretty basil and thyme from the herb garden

That’s some good-looking stuff, uh? Oh and here is a picture of the bread I bought yesterday. Guess what? It was worth every penny. 

Pre butter and garlic bath

I’ll be back later today! I’ve got a 3 mile run this afternoon and some speedwork tomorrow before the half marathon Saturday! Looks like I’ll be running in the woods on the trails near our house for the remainder of the summer. We live on the grounds of summer camp for boys and first session starts this weekend. I’m not really into running through hundreds of mischievous little boys. 

Ciao bella(s)!

P.s. I’ve got readers.

P.s.s I don’t mind that most of them are friends and family. ❤


One response to “Oh Roger…

  1. Garden is looking good!!! So is Roger 🙂

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