I might have a problem…

There are a ton of dining options in Asheville. A TON! But one of my favorite places to eat lunch during the work week is a grocery store! Greenlife Grocery, that is. Oh man, they have the best, most amazing salad/hot bar. Greenlife is a bit of a local gem (there are only two, the other is in Tennessee). Well, actually it just got bought out by Whole Foods, but that’s a another (sort of messy) story. I digress.  

Ok, so I love the salad bar at Greenlife with all my being, my wallet has other thoughts… but just take a gander at this beauty I had today.  

Get in my belly.


Yes. That would be a big ol’ pile of spring greens with carrots, purple cabbage, croutons, walnuts, tamari almonds (love), feta, balsamic and a scoop of mac n cheese from the hot bar. Oh heavens ya’ll, this is some yummy stuff. I also had a yogurt and an honest tea. Ok, so all this wasn’t actually that expensive. I spent about $5.00 on my lunch. The problem is the yummy, crusty ciabatta bread I spotted when I was on my way to check out. This is when I thought, “Oh man, that would be perfect with the spaghetti I’m making tonight,” and proceeded to grab the lovely loaf with reckless abandon. My total come to $10.00! $10.00 at lunch is a lot! This happens pretty often actually. I must figure out a way to get my lunch and scurry out the door because I’m distracted my all the delicious local cheeses, shiny organic grapes, mouth-watering pastries, and super expensive (apparently) fresh breads.  

It’s all about self-control and I gotta get me some. It’s true, we will enjoy the bread with dinner and probably use the remainder for some kick a%* sandwiches for the rest of the week. But this has got to stop! I’m going to use the blog as incentive not to buy anything extra next time I pay homage to my favorite salad bar. I must be held accountable.  

Happy eating.


2 responses to “I might have a problem…

  1. Nothing like a good piece of bread! For me better than cake any day 🙂

  2. I love whole foods but that sucks they bought out Greenlife…small, local organic stores are the best!

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