Return of the good run… and pizza

I had one of “those” runs yesterday. Ya’ll know what I mean… it’s like floating, there’s no pain, you breathe effortlessly and your legs move like they’re light as a feather. The weather was gorgeous – 70 degrees and sunny with slight breeze. I decided after Sunday’s bust, I would take it easy today and just let my legs do as they pleased. My running partner and I set out at an easy 9:45 min per mile pace.  (Running partner likes to run ahead sometimes in an effort to run down squirrels and other wood-like animals). 

Running partner

I didn’t really have a plan or mileage in mind. My easy runs range any where from 2 to 5 miles, depending on the race I’m training for. As I ran along the dirt roads around our home, the miles just started to tick away.I looked down at my Garmin and realized I had already hit 2.5 miles, averaging a 9 min per mile pace. Brilliant! I didn’t feel tired or winded at all and my legs felt strong, so I decided to make it a 4 mile day. By the end of those 4 miles I felt refreshed and had spent some time praying about some things that needed to be sorted out with the Boss. It’s days like yesterday that remind me of why I love running so much. It’s exactly what I needed to get through the final week of half marathon training. I ran 4 miles in 37 mins/35 seconds. 

Tonight I plan to make this beauty for dinner: 

Yum and Yes

I made the dough last night and it looks beautiful sitting in my refrigerator waiting to be topped with fresh mozzarella from Greenlife and basil from our garden. Can I just tell ya’ll how much I love making dough? Something about the way it feels in between my fingers. It makes me all tingly and whatnot.. enough, right? Seriously, though, it can  be therapeutic. This recipe called for mixing with the dough attachment on my stand mixer, but I hand mixed it instead to relieve a little stress. 

In the past, I’ve made pizza doughs with whole wheat flour, but there’s just something about fluffy, white dough, so I’m going all white on this one. This recipe is out of my Cooking Light and I can’t wait to see how it tastes. I mean it’s cheese and bread, how bad can it be? I’ll post my musings on this homemade pizza tomorrow.

**Let’s make this thing a little more interactive. From here on out I’m going to have a random thought/question of the day. Please comment to your heart’s content.**

Randomness of the day: The other day I bought some Peanut Butter & Co. cinnamon raisin swirl pb and it’s been rocking my world. What’s your favorite brand of peanut butter?


4 responses to “Return of the good run… and pizza

  1. I don’t have a certain brand I lean towards, but I have to say I enjoy chunky peanut butter. However, I may have to buy some cinnamon raisin swirl, I think it would rock my world too!

  2. I am with Tracy…I like the cruchy/chunky peanut butter. Never buy though because I have no control 🙂

  3. I am with Tracy…I like the crunchy/chunky peanut butter. Never buy though because I have no control 🙂

  4. Jason….would like to comment that his favorite PB is Plain Jif!!! No Substitutes….Trust me I’ve tried!!!! hahah

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