Catching up.

I went missing for a few days, but what can I say? It was my birthday weekend. So let’s catch up! Thursday night hubs and I saw The Swell Season in concert. They were amazing! Their live version of “Into the mystic” by Van Morrison seriously rocked my socks off. And things can’t be too bad when you’re staring at this guy for a few hours.

 They seemed really excited to be in Asheville and kept commenting on how cool the city was and how everyone seemed so happy and friendly. We are a pretty jolly town I suppose. So much fun.

Friday (my actual birthday) was kind of meh. The weather was nasty as all get out. I had big plans to ride this guy:

Not my actual bike, but pretty similar

But that didn’t happen. I spent the day with my little fur child instead, which happened to be the redeeming factor of the day. We headed to my mama’s Friday night after hubs got off work.

My mom lives about three hours away in Graham, NC, which is about 10 minutes from a little town called Saxapahaw, NC. That’s right: Sax-a-pa-haw. Crazy, right? Saxapahaw used to be the home of a large cotton mill, which closed down in 1994 and now the old mill houses town homes and apartments. Apparently, this little community is really becoming something special. Every Saturday Saxapahaw hosts what are called “Saturdays in Saxapahaw” (which I’ll refer to SIS for our sanity). SIS includes a small farmers market with lots of great local produce, cheeses, meats and crafts. SIS also features a live band from 6-8 pm. You can bring your own wine or beer, lay out a blanket and chill. There was even a slip and slide for kids (or adults). This weekend they had some amazing wood fired pizza on site as well. Yum. I was so excited to go to SIS and it did not disappoint. My mom, hubs, fur child and I, had a really good time relaxing, drinking this (which probably deserves its own  post at some point) and listening to music.

Moving on… Saxapahaw is also home to the almost famous Saxapahaw General Store. I’ve been hearing about and researching this place for some time now, and I could not wait to eat here. SO EXCITED.  When I walked in, I immediately liked how relaxed and laid back everything seemed. You order at the counter and take a seat outside where someone brings you your food as soon as it’s ready. They have a cafe menu, as well as a chalk board filled with daily specials. 

None of us were starving, so I placed our order of two salads and a caprese sandwich and took a seat. My mouth was watering with excitement as I envisioned my local mixed green salad topped with farm fresh cucumber, onions and tomatoes, topped with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette.

The General Store

15 minutes went by and I thought ‘Ok, they must be grilling hubs chicken.” Then 25 minutes. Then 35 minutes. About 45 minutes later, my “mixed greens” salad came out as just that. Mixed greens. Nothing else. No onions, no tomatoes and no cucumber. Hubs grilled chicken caesar salad was a bit of a disappointment as well. Luckily my mom’s caprese sandwich was amazing and delicious, but not 45 minutes delicious.

I was so disappointed. I’m hoping it was just a mistake and maybe they forgot our order? If that’s the case, an apology would have been nice. I would probably go back, but maybe during lunch or for an early dinner when they might not be so busy. My “greens” were indeed fresh and tasty, just a little bare. Ya’ll probably know by now I’m a big proponent of growing your own food if you can and eating as locally as possible. The mission of the General Store is to support local farmers and producers, so I’m all about supporting their business. I’m willing to forgive and forget and go back. I probably won’t order a salad next time. Onwards and upwards right?

Oh and I wanted to tell ya’ll about my horrible training run yesterday. I’m running a half marathon in two weeks, so I was planning on a 10 mile run. Didn’t happen. After about an hour I tanked. Hard. My left quad was in the worst pain, it was humid, hot and I was miserable. I think all the junk I ate this weekend caught up with me too. All is not lost though. I’m hoping to get some pretty solid runs and bike rides in the next couple of weeks. I’m glad I listened to my body. Sometimes you just gotta.

Not me on Sunday. This is after a happier run.

And what the heck, a pretty picture from Assisi, Italy for your viewing pleasure. Just call me Random Rebecca.

Assisi, Italy

Shew. That is all.


2 responses to “Catching up.

  1. Cameron here, of Saxapahaw General Store–I am sorry that we failed to meet your expectations when you visited us recently. I do hope we might see you again and can replace your disappointment with pleasure. I am grateful that you have shared, as you have given us opportunity to improve.

    Not by way of excusing, but for context, I’ll say on the bare-ness of your salad that this is not as it is meant to be. I hope the culprit was a newly hired cook (one of two we have, in attempt to keep up with our summer visitors) who got confused between a side of mixed greens–a flash of just greens aside an eggplant parmesan or the like–and an actual salad.

    On the time of wait, you have identified the other edge of the sword of near fame. We’re like the vibram five fingers folks, struggling to keep up with our demand after a little good press. As we are a tiny kitchen, when we are lucky enough to have many guests (and I sincerely hope that was the case for your visit), our wait time from order to service lengthens. In a restaurant, you might wait for a seat, but not so long for your order after it’s made. In our case, we take the order, and then the wait begins. It’s not the grilling of meat (or as you might assume, the picking of salad greens from the garden!) but the folks who entered before you who create the delay.

    We try to be as expeditious as we can, and we are improving, but in the meantime we should give you an idea of your wait before you sit down to prevent this sense of neglect you rightly felt. This way you can decide if it’s really worth it to wait for a salad. We failed to do this, and I apologize for that.

    If you are inclined to meet us again, please feel free to call and learn of our wait time. Meantime, thank you again for sharing, and I am delighted you enjoyed the farmers’ market. Best to you,

    Cameron Ratliff

  2. Cameron, thank you for the time you took with this explanation. I will be back and will surely write about how wonerful everything was next time I go! As I mentioned in my post, the food we did have was delicious and fresh and my mom, who lives close by will continue to visit you. You guys are doing wonderful things and should be applauded big time for your efforts! Thanks again and cheers!

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