Not your Papa’s bluegrass band

Ciao! Are ya’ll excited as I am that it’s Friday!?

Let’s talk music, shall we? One of the best things about Asheville is the plethora of music around town. The Orange Peel, located in downtown Asheville was once voted one of the top music venues in the south. If you’re ever in these parts of Western NC, you should definitely check it out.

Tonight, my husband, a good friend and I are going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Have you listened to CCD? If you haven’t, you should. Like right now, find them on itunes or pandora or whatever, and take a listen. They are described as a traditional African-American string band, that mixes the traditions of old-time string music with some modern influences. Here’s a short blurb from their website, describing the history of the music they play:

“The Carolina Chocolate Drops are the newest and youngest players in a long lineage of Black String Bands. The tradition traces its roots to musicians from Africa who came to the Americas in the holds of slave ships. The anchor instruments were made of gourds with a neck and a variety of string combinations. The same basic gourd banjo, called the ekontone, is played today in Gambia. Alongside the banjo gourd, musicians devised a number of fiddles, American-born relatives of the African ritti or one-stringed fiddle. Eventually, perhaps under the influence or orders of masters who wanted Irish jigs played in their parlors, black fiddle-players picked up the European violin, taking that instrument back to their cabins, adding classical-style fiddle to banjo and percussion; so the blurring of boundaries began.”

CCD is easily one of my favorite bands ever! They started out in the Chapel Hill area, and they are quickly gaining momentum in the music world. They put on THE BEST live performance. Please please check them out if you get the chance – you can thank me later.


One response to “Not your Papa’s bluegrass band

  1. Rebecca is not lying, I had never seen them live, but they were AMAZING!!!
    Everyone should at least take a listen to CCD if not going to see them live!

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